The company hired a new employee, not promoted me. Why?

Even with a job well done, management may not suggest you climb the corporate ladder. We will tell you when this is not a sign of a bad microclimate in the company, but a business necessity.

There is no time to wait

If your company does not have enough expertise to grow in business, she can send you for training – it takes time. If he is not there, the company will invite a specialist who already has the necessary skills.

You are suitable in all respects, but do not know the language and local legislation. The management believes that it will take six months and a lot of money to take language courses and legal courses, and you need to open it now. The result is the justified hiring of a new manager from the specified regions.

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It is necessary to weaken the competitors

It is better for a business if, simultaneously with strengthening its own team, the team of competitors will lose valuable employees. Let’s say you work as a barista at an off-chain coffee shop near a business center. An employee of a competing coffee point may become the manager of your establishment – perhaps he was more charismatic, had popular social networks, and contacts of good coffee roasters.

A new production line is planned to be launched

You make pizza for a chain restaurant that delivers food by couriers. A month later, the company starts selling sushi – a new production line with a senior chef is needed.

Before that, the company might not have had such a position, but now an experienced sushi specialist will be hired for it, who will help the business – he will be engaged in the processing of finished products, run production magazines, and train cooks in the developed recipe.

There was no offer for an increase because the business changed its focus and focused on tasks outside your competence.

The company is changing the corporate culture

When a company promotes an employee, it strengthens the existing order and continues to move in the chosen direction. But sometimes the team needs a breath of fresh air: move accounting to the cloud, start using new services, add responsibilities to job descriptions and track their implementation.

It’s easier if a specialist with relevant outside experience is involved. If the company has adopted a new development strategy, external managers can be appointed to all positions, up to the top ones.

No position for direct promotion

Some companies do not have a position that suggests a direct boost. Let’s say that in the hierarchy above the position of the salesperson is not the senior salesperson, but the sales coach. These are other functions, responsibilities, and required experience.

You need to learn about career opportunities when applying for a job. If the company does not raise its employees without acquiring additional skills, start mastering the functionality necessary for career growth as early as possible.

Conflicts within the team should be avoided

Often competition within the team spirit is killing the affiliates. The effect is more noticeable if the business takes place within one division.

For example, a large cosmetics retailer selects the best employees, looking at the monthly plan. The store compiles a rating: sellers who do not fulfill the plan are fined, and if the branch takes the last place in the general list, bonuses are cut for everyone, leaving a bare salary.

As planned, the team should work together to fulfill the overall plan… But within each branch there is fierce competition for bonuses from the sale – colleagues do not help each other, a bad microclimate is developing in the workplace.

A manager chosen from such an environment may be sabotaged or not taken seriously. It is dangerous for both the team and the company. In general – it is easier for a company to hire a third-party manager or invite him from another department.


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